Toonbook Privacy Notice

Toonbook is a legally informal venture between the two owners, Joey (Sir Max) and Jeremy (Fat McStink).
The data you explicitly put into Toonbook is kept for our records, as well as other technical information collected by our servers when your computer sends requests to Toonbook.

Your Profile Data:

By default, the information you enter about your Toon is visible to all registered members of Toonbook so that your friends can find you easier. All of this data is customizable and can be changed so that everyone, only friends, or only you can see it. This information isn't used by Toonbook in any way except for helping others find and identify your Toon.

Toonbook collects the following types of data from all requests:

• Your IP address
• Your browser's identifying information
• Cookie data
• Other technical data

Please note that cookies sent to Toonbook do not contain any information other than an ID that points to the rest of the information.

Who can access certain types of stored data:

Toonbook relies on third parties for infrastructure and other services. Pursuant to each party's own privacy policy, they may access what we have stored with them. None of these parties may access your data at will due to their own privacy policies.

Cloudflare - All requests to Toonbook travel through Cloudflare to speed up the site and prevent attacks.
Frantech Solutions/BuyVM - BuyVM is where we host our servers, which stores the data you enter.
Amazon Web Services - Avatars, Albums, and Server Backups are stored on Amazon Web Services to increase page load time.

Third parties that serve portions of Toonbook itself:

Google Analytics - Google Analytics collects anonymous statistics for Toonbook for our own information.
Google Adsense - Google Adsense provides the ads that non-VIP members see on the side of Toonbook.