Toonbook Terms of Service and Site Rules

Toonbook will, to the best of its abilities, provide service to site members, provided that members abide by the rules outlined here.

  • Toon Profiles Only

    Toonbook is intended to be a social networking site for Disney's Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten, not real life or other games. Other topics may be discussed as long as the discussion and topics are appropriate, however your profile should reflect your Toon, not yourself or any other character. The creation of accounts to symbolise real-life people, fictional characters or objects will be terminated on sight. Any registrations for non-toon accounts will be detected by the Toon Resistance's anti-cog system and deleted.

  • No Trolling

    Intentionally starting false arguments, harassing other members, bullying other members, starting fights, or otherwise being a 'cog' will result in a suspension or termination.

  • No Spamming

    The excessive submission of material, in chat or on the activity feed, be it advertising for an organization or not, will result in a suspension or termination. Advertising on your own page is allowed, however broadcasting or posting advertisements on other pages without permission is not. Broadcasting single word posts or nonsense posts is also considered spamming.

  • No Harassment

    The harassment of other members is grounds for immediate and permanent termination from Toonbook. This includes insulting, spreading rumors, making negative posts directed towards other members, or otherwise intentionally causing harm to another member of Toonbook. Unnecessarily involving yourself in an argument through either commenting or posting about it will be considered harassment as well. If another user is causing an issue, please report them to a moderator.

  • No Personal Information

    Toonbook's main purpose is to allow you to talk to your Toontown friends without sharing personal information, like Facebook does. Real life pictures, addresses, telephone numbers, or other information that is not necessary for others to know including name or age is not allowed on Toonbook. This means that using a real picture of yourself or someone on your profile is strictly prohibited. If we allowed you to post your face, it would be FACEbook, not TOONbook.

  • English Only

    Only English posts are allowed to be broadcasted. The use of non-English languages in non-broadcasted posts, private chat or personal messages is allowed. Broadcasted posts must be translated to english with Google Translate or something similar.

  • Kid-Friendly Material Only

    Toontown is a game for everyone and we would like Toonbook to be available to most players of Toontown Rewritten. Cursing or the intent to curse (this includes using certain words in a vulgar or offensive context), inappropriate content, and other discussions that would be out of place in a PG movie are prohibited on Toonbook and will be removed.

  • No Illegal Activity

    The discussion, coordination, or committing of activities illegal under the laws of the United States, or the state of Minnesota are grounds for immediate termination of your account and the involvement of authorities. This includes distributing cracked software or giving out "codes" or other means to hack Toontown. Discussion of "hackers" is allowed, however distributing the means to hack is not.

  • No Graphic Content

    Toonbook is not the place for graphically inappropriate content including, but not limited to: sexual or pornographic material, the discussion of illegal substances, gore, paedophilia, racism, etc. Any content of a graphic nature will be removed, and the posting user suspended or terminated.

  • Discretion of Punishment

    Discussion of infractions or bans, whether they are someone else's or your own, is strictly prohibited on Toonbook. If you wish to discuss the consequences of your violation, please contact one of our moderators privately for further information.

Ownership of Material

There may be cases in which a user who is not the original creator of material (be it art, or a clan, or fansite) wishes to create a presence for this material, they may. However, should the original creator wish to control the presence on Toonbook, the authors may contact Toonbook to request the transfer of ownership or removal.


By using any services provided by Toonbook, you agree to indemnify Toonbook, the Toonbook staff, and any contractors who Toonbook uses from any injury, and corporate or personal loss that may arise from use to the furthest legal extent.